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Question...Why is it that everytime I wish not to share my things, time, and space with people they think I'm an ass? Why can't people just be courteous and respect that I don't like some of my things being shared? At work, for instance, I'm very neat in my work area and near my register. I make sure my bag with valuable stuff needed to do my job is organized, my stapler is filled with staples, my sticky note holder and tape dispenser is full, and most importantly, my sim card book is straightened out (I work for at&t).

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Smiles by Alan

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After a long hiatus, I am officially done with a client's website. Smiles by Alan Photography is a new company vying for a stake in the South Florida market. They are marketing themselves as excellent photography without breaking the bank! I can certainly vouch for that claim because I was photographed flawlessly shown below by the head photographer, Alan Navarrete, whom I know personally. It took quite a while to finish the site because of a few things:

  • Client proofing: Having each client's login unique to their own category of photos
  • Buying online: Getting shipping quotes from USPS to show on the site and integrating Paypal for payments
  • Uploading pictures: Each picture had to be optimized for online viewing without losing resolution
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Living in America

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Question...Why is it that when Spanish people come to America, many of them don't attempt to learn English? I was in the car with my mom picking up my foster brother and the conversation about living in America came up. We live in South Florida where there are a lot of Spanish people, mainly Cuban and Mexican.

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McDonald's 24 Hour Drive-Thru

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Question...Why does McDonald's advertise having 24-hour drive thru when there's always a "shift change" it seems every half hour? Everytime I go to a McDonald's after maybe 2am, I'm greeted, then told to come back in 30 minutes because they're doing a "shift change". Not sure exactly what that means. My best guess is there are employees coming in and out at different times for their shifts. But isn't that done throughout the day. There's no "shift changes" where the restaurant closes for half an hour in the day. Why at night?

I understand that they are really providing the whole 24-hour drive thru as a convenience to the customer. But if you're gonna advertise something, be prepared to live up to expectations and make good on it.

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Obama Bashing

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Question...Why is it that everytime i turn on the news, it's always someone moaning and groaning about how President Obama is the worst president we've ever had? Now I'd hate to throw race in the issue, but I'm gonna have to. Think about it. Everything he does, good or bad, gets negatively judged. Only after eight years did people begin to see the damage made by President Bush. He's passed comprehensive health reform, Wall Street reform, credit reform, improved international relations, as well as encouraged new energy standards; all in a matter of 1 year and 6 months of his presidency.

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