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FISSST Proposal

FISSST ProposalAfter leaving college, I was accepted to a year-long internship program in India. I was recruited by a company called "Breadworks" to create a POS system and back-end management systems. I was siked to go but couldn't afford it. So, I looked to my alma mater. The school where I spent the past 4 years of my life; the school where I paid a lot of money to attend. I was sure they'll help sponsor if not fund a $10,000 internship. But, to my surprise, Stetson University did not have such a program of helping alumni. They only had programs for existing students.

That was a bummer and in a way kind of dirty. Its kind of like pimp and prostitute relationship where the school's the pimp and I'm the prostitute. I paid the school to give me an education and the school profits. Once I graduated, they kicked me to the curb! "See ya, don't wanna be ya!" Well, in the end, I didn't get a chance to go to India. However, during that time, I came up with an idea for Stetson to keep the alumni relationship fresh and potentially increase alumni donations. This idea was "FISSST" which means Fiscal Sponsorship for Stetson Students.

I submitted it. I was told it was a neat idea, but haven't heard anything since 2008. Then again, back in the fall of that year, I stumbled across a school-wide email about a seminar for internship sponship hosted by the very people I submitted the proposal to. How dirty of them! But I thought to myself, what's the sense in going after them when I didn't go to India. Anyway, click on the FISSST image to view the file I sent to Stetson.



Business Plans

I have a couple of full business plans, each surpassing 35 pages. Due to my fear of thieves, I cannot post them. But, I can assure you that they do exist. They are pretty much standard as far as the layout goes; so you're not missing out. However, the content of my business plans are quite intense and robust. So if you feel a little apprehensive about me writing a business plan for your company, all I can say is, "Do what you feel most comfortable with."  I can't force you to do anything!



Hip-Hop Hatters (HHH) Charter

Hip-Hop HattersThis was my baby back in college. I founded my very own organization and as the name suggests, we were a dance team. We started out with only 2 people that quickly grew into 12 wonderful men and women. I even hired a choreographer so that we performed at a somewhat professional level. HHH performed during the halftime of basketball games and was a huge success. We got funding every semester from the school and volunteered much throughout the Stetson community.

My goal in starting the team was to bring inclusiveness to Stetson. There was less than 10% ethnic students attending at the time and not much was there for the minority student to identify with. While the majority of the team was ethnic, we did have a couple non-ethnic students so everyone was pretty much represented in our squad. I am so proud of our team as it still is going strong at Stetson and is continuing to grow. Let me stop typing before I cry! Just click on the Hip-Hop image to view the charter.  

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